Tuesday, May 28, 2013

What Kind of Fundraiser Are You?

Fundraisers come in all varieties. From aggressive to docile, from passionate to indifferent, there are many ways to bring money into a non-profit or political campaign. Just what is the best method of fundraising? The best method is the one that brings in the most money for the cause. There is only one caveat; donors must be respected at all times.

While fundraising happens in call centers, fundraising isn't a typical call center job. Most call centers don't require the depth of experience that fundraiser call center jobs require. A fund raiser can be expected to have a solid grasp of political, social and environmental issues. A telephone fundraiser can spend the morning trying to elect certain politicians and the afternoon trying to protect natural resources  The best telefundraisers have flexible minds and are gifted speakers.

Passion helps a lot but is certainly not the only way to get a donor to contribute. Knowing the issues you're calling about, even if you aren't as passionate about them as others, goes a long way to building credibility with donors. Rapport building is just as important, Donors give to people they like, Get to know your donors and they'll respond,

The next tip is counter-intuitive  Ask high. Most callers, and especially new callers, think donors will be insulted by large requests. In fact high asks have the opposite effect, Many donors are actually flattered to receive a large request, In other cases donors find these request to be humorous given their personal financial situation. Humor builds rapport and rapport secures donations.

The best fundraiser to be is the fundraiser that is most effective with the donor that's currently on the line. Be versatile  The more fundraising styles in your portfolio, the more money you'll raise.

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